1. LICK IT JACK: Trust me, buddy. Yer gonna love it. (Or maybe not…)
  2. JUDGEMENT DAY: Time to kill. Oh, but. You could be the one to die.

COMING SOON: These episodes will be completed soon. Some have been filmed and are still being edited. Others will soon be filmed. (Note: this page is under construction. More actor names will be added soon.)

  1. ANDY TWO: Andy doesn’t pay enough attention to his wife.  But that’s okay. Another Andy likes her just fine. Actors: Chris Pigott, Jennifer Faulkner.
  2. NIGHTY NIGHT: A podcaster interviews a horror novel writer about her latest book. He may wish he hadn’t. Actors: Meredith Binder, T.J. Horwath
  3. SHADOW PLAY: I’ll be dying today. Let’s talk. Actors: April Panpitat, Rachel Renee
  4. THE PERFECT DAY: Go ahead, man! Beat the crap out of him. You can do anything you want today… Actors: Javier Schialer, Randy Allen Scott, Elyse Kleidon
  5. PARADISE: Good news! Heaven is real! But there’s a catch… Actors: Sandhya, Dave Brown, Ricardo
  6. JUST TRYING TO HELP: Stop complaining! We didn’t mean to destroy the Earth. It was a science project. Actors: 
  7. NUTS: Lenny gets attacked by some aliens. They inject a weird concoction into his testicles. Poor dude. Actors: Partial list: Lenny: Randy Allen Scott.
  8. TIME IS MONEY, MR. DERVINGTON: God doesn’t make mistakes. On the other hand…….. Actors: partial list:
  9. SUCK IT UP: Out of the frying pan… Actors: partial list: 

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