An SF/Fantasy Webseries

…in the tradition of The Twilight Zone. New from Wonder Productions!

DreamFables is a science fiction-fantasy web series, which will launch online in November 2017.

Want to be involved?

There are about 30 people, including a number of actors, DPs, prop makers, editors and others on board at this point. We’re looking for volunteers to help with things like location scouting, editing, making costumes, publicity, and fundraising.  At this point it’s an all-volunteer venture. 


We have 22 actors on board at this point, but because every week’s episode will be different, we are always looking for more. There will be AUDITIONS from 12PM-7:30PM on Monday August 14.

Appointments will start on the hour and last as long as an hour. If you’d like to audition, specify a time slot (beginning any hour) when submitting to audition. Please include your headshot and resume.

Choose one time slot when signing up, and let us know when you email:

  1. 12pm
  2. 1pm
  3. 2pm
  4. 3pm
  5. 4pm
  6. 5pm
  7. 6pm
  8. 7pm

Please be aware that at this point, we are doing DreamFables for the fun of it, and that everyone, including the actors, will initially be volunteers. To set up an audition appointment, email your headshot and resume to:

Film Dates

The first filming will be done in September, 2017, on these dates. Actors do NOT have to be present on all dates, only the dates when their episodes are filmed.

  1. Saturday 9/2 (9 a.m.-9 p.m.) Episode: “Time is Money, Mr. Dervington.”
  2. Sunday 9/3 (9 a.m.-9 p.m.) Episode: “Nuts”
  3. Sunday 9/10 (2pm-11pm) Episode: “Suck it Up” (Sequel to “Lick it Jack”)
  4. Sunday 9/17 (2pm-11pm) Episode: “Johnny Death” 
  5. Saturday 9/23 (9 a.m.-9 pm.) Episode: “Memories”
  6. Sunday 9/24 (2pm-11pm) Episode: “Product Placement”