• DreamFables is a science fiction-fantasy web series, which will launch online in SPRING 2018.
  • Some episodes have been filmed and edited. Others will be filmed soon.


Important reminders

  • At this point, DreamFables is an ALL-VOLUNTEER PROJECT.
  • None of us, including the actors, directors, producers, editors, or others, are being paid.  
  • We’re looking for VOLUNTEERS to help with things like location scouting, editing, making costumes, publicity, and fundraising. If you’d like to volunteer, drop us an email.
  • We are also looking for more ACTORS. 
  • We are hoping that in the future, we’ll find a way to monetize the show and pay the participants. But at this point, we’re not there yet.

Office notes:

Questions? Email DreamfablesTV@gmail.com