UPDATE 1 – JANUARY 8, 2018

Hi everyone, This is an update about Dreamfables, including finished episodes, scheduled episodes, estimates for completion, and more info about what will be happening in the future. I’ll be sending out updates like this periodically.

Important: Please keep your “Doodle” schedule updated 🙂

When I am trying to figure out when to film an episode, or who to ask to be in it, I always to go to the Acting Scheduling page first.  I go to the date in question, and look at who’s available on that particular date. (If you’re not listed as free on that day, I’ll assume you’re not free.) So please make sure you keep your schedule current.

Remember that listing a date as available does NOT mean you are stuck or locked into it. You don’t have to “save” it for DreamFables until you are actually cast in a particular episode on the date in question. I’m just asking you to look at your current schedule, and enter any dates which are currently free. If your schedule changes, i.e., if you get cast in something else, or have any other conflict,  just remove yourself from that date. Remember also that you are always free to turn down a role. It’s fine to ask to see the script before agreeing to do a role. I’ll still keep you in mind for other roles in future episodes.

What happens after filming

Each episode of DREAMFABLES goes through several steps, en route to completion. The basic steps are:

  1. Writing
  2. Scheduling (includes scheduling the actors and the locations)
  3. Casting
  5. Video editing
  6. Audio editing
  7. Music
  8. Finishing touches: final audio mix, color correction

Finished episodes

These episodes have been through all of the steps above, so they are finished. They can be viewed at https://dreamfables.com/episodes


Estimated completion dates

  1.  THE PERFECT DAY (this episode has been filmed, edited, music placed – it’s now getting an audio edit and mix. Estimate: mid-January
  2. PARADISE (filmed, awaiting editing) (should be done in about a month)
  3. JUST TRYING TO HELP (filmed, awaiting editing) (should be done in about a month)
  4. TIME IS MONEY, MR. DERVINGTON (This was the first episode we filmed. The reason it is not finished yet is that we’ve run into a problem with some of the footage which I’ve been trying to figure out how to solve) (The problems are with the color, and the resolution; some parts took on a really bad pixelated look when the color was corrected.) (So it hasn’t been forgotten, but got pushed back further in the queue, while I’m trying to figure out how to fix those issues.) (I’m now estimating it will be finished in about two months.)
  5. SUCK IT UP (this is the episode that we partially filmed, but were not able to complete because of time problems.  When we tried rescheduling it, some actors were no longer available to complete their roles. Then a location issue meant that the building we had filmed in was not available for three months.) (I don’t have a sense yet of when this one will be finished)

The problems that have slowed down “Time is Money Mr. Dervington” and “Suck it Up” have been solved in the sense that they will not be happening with any future episodes. Now that we’re aware of them, we can prevent them in the future.

Scheduled to film soon

These episodes have been scheduled:

  1. JANUARY 13: I LOVE HER – PART 1 – NOON TILL 10 PM: Two volunteers needed, and several extras
  2. JANUARY 14: I LOVE HER – PART 2 – NOON TILL 6 PM: Two volunteers needed
  3. JANUARY 20: ANDY TWO – NOON TILL 10 PM:  Two volunteers needed
  4. MARCH 10: NIGHTY NIGHT – 9 A.M.-9 PM – Two volunteers needed
  5. MARCH 17: SHADOW PLAY 9 A.M.- 6 P.M. – Two volunteers needed, and several extras

  • Several other episodes will be scheduled for filming soon. I’ll send along more information about FILM DATES and other info soon.
  • More film dates for later January, February, March, April, May and June will be scheduled soon. Please check back, as I’ll list them here.